Are You A Boxer Family?

Is The Boxer Breed Right For You?

Ask any boxer owner what boxers are like, and chances are you’ll hear the word “exuberant” mentioned at least once. This is no mellow couch potato dog. Although boxers are less active than some dogs, they do best with owners who appreciate and can accommodate their natural exuberance and zest for life. If you’re looking for a dog that will join you in a friendly wrestling match, the boxer is a perfect partner.

Are you ready?     11034328_433295086836642_8939253574763100472_o

  • Are you a glass-is-half-full person?
  • Do you look to your dog to put you in a good mood?
  • Are you patient with high energy?
  • Do you like people and dogs that don’t take life too seriously?

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